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Sunday, December 15, 2013

Happy Holiday Pie! Umm…No.

"Bursting with flavor. Baked with love. I'm lovin' it." Someone clearly had sexual relations to create this thing.

Shamrock Shake. Arch Deluxe. McRib. Pizza (remember that one?!). And now…

Just in time to spread holiday cheer and for that person you have nothing but pure hate for…

The Holiday Pie!

McDonald's has done it again. Apparently what is described as a custard filled buttery crust with glaze and rainbow sprinkles has been out before. I seriously had no idea until this year. Oh well, whatever. I didn’t pass up that fried, mayonnaise mess called the Double Down; I sure as hell couldn’t pass up a dessert that was no doubt created in the basement of a mental institution’s test kitchen.

The Holiday Pie falls into the “Why Stop There?” category. A custard pie wasn’t enough. Let’s toss on a coat of polyurethane flavored, trip to the dentist sweet, glaze and stuff the pie with vanilla infused Sherwin Williams paint. Top it off with baked in? maybe fried in? sprinkles and boom, it screams “HOLIDAY,” obviously.

Weird, overly sweet, as artificial as your grandparents’ Christmas tree, but such a delicious abomination.    


  1. I wasn't aware of this. But I almost never eat at McDonald's anyway. Does not look appealing at all.

  2. Ha! Can't blame them for trying! But I'm not sure this will be on my holiday menu!

    1. Imagine going to someone's house for the holidays and smacking a giant bag of Holiday Pies on the table...

      "Look what I brought!"

  3. This is great. Sometimes the things that look disgusting and immediately clog your arteries DO taste delicious. I'll never know, though, as I haven't set for in a Mickey D's in at least a decade.